Waste Watch: Tax Dollars "Help a Hipster"


NASHVILLE, TN - $6 million of our tax dollars are being spent on a campaign dubbed "Help a Hipster."

Researchers are trying to get a specific group of young adults to quit smoking without them knowing.

The campaign is raising eyebrows and getting laughs from midstate tax payers,featuring a group of young adults who are pointed out in the project's abstract as focused on alternative music, local artists and eclectic self-expression.

The serious problem: The Help a Hipster movement has taken $6 million dollars from tax payers since 2011-- and counting.

That money pays researchers through the National Institutes of Health to recognize who hipsters are, create a marketing campaign to get them to quit smoking and hide the fact that it's a government program since these researchers say hipsters hate big government.

The researchers created what they call a "commune" attracting people considered hipsters to join their group through social events, ads, posters, t-shirts and social media.

Pictures on the Commune website show the events and the people there.

Researchers say this group of people needs more than just a scary health warning to quit smoking.

Some of the alternatives to smoking suggested to this group is to "style your sweet mustache", "listen to your favorite band that no one else has heard of" and even "take a refreshing shower."

So far in five years, smoking habits of the "hipsters" have not changed.

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