Waste Watch: Pentagon Misplacing Money

Watch the clip above for a special Waste Watch report about government misplacing money. (WZTV)

NASHVILLE, TN - $147 billion dollars misplaced by the Pentagon.

A GAO report just released says our tax dollars given to the Pentagon aren't being used the way they're supposed to be.

The Government Accountability Office recommending the Pentagon more accurately track its money.

This report is calling out the Department of Defense for moving $146.9 billion dollars from its wartime account to its base operations account in the past six years.

Pete Sepp with the National Taxpayers Union calls this a basic accountability problem.

The money within both the Department of Defense's wartime account and the base operations account is reported to Congress together.

So congress hasn't been made aware that this money is even being transferred.

Fox 17 crunches some numbers and finds $147 billion is enough to fund the snap program, helping 46-million Americans buy food, for almost two years.

It's also enough to cut a check for about $470 to each person in this country.

Sepp says, "This is real money that needs to be accounted for in a real way."

The Department of Defense says it would be "resource intensive" to report both accounts spending separately.

The National Taxpayers Union believes the money is being transferred to base operations because requesting money for the wartime account carries more political weight.

The GAO reports the wartime account is exempt from budget caps.

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