WASTE WATCH: $12 M unused IRS e-mail system


Uncle Sam is knocking on our door for tax season, but millions of our tax dollars are being spent on something the IRS doesn't even know how to use.

It's an e-mail archive system that the IRS paid subscription fees for two years.

A 2016 report by the Treasury Inspector General’s office shows a two-year, $12-million dollar subscription bought by the IRS for the service.

The report said "the software to be used via the purchased subscriptions was never deployed."

According to the Census Bureau, this $12-million dollars is more than 200 times the average household income in the US.

The Inspector General said that money funded the e-mail archive system without first determining key factors like if the system is needed, how to integrate it, business requirements for it, the system's bandwith and "whether the subscriptions were technologically feasible on the IRS enterprise."

The report also showed the IRS email system does need an upgrade in order for it to continue tax administration.

The IRS said the $12-million dollars is not a waste of taxpayer dollars. The Inspector General also reported the IRS has allowed these subscriptions to expire in June 2016.

More money will still need to be spent on this because the White House required all federal agencies to buy email archive systems by December 2016.

Read the full report below.

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