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From hard-hitting investigations, to reports that helped change state laws, to unforgettable human interest stories, Dennis Ferrier has been telling stories in Middle Tennessee for almost 25 years.

To this day, one of his favorite things to do is get in a car with a photographer and drive all over Tennessee to listen to other people tell their stories.

Dennis has won 10 Regional Emmys and been nominated 31 times. By this measure, he's batting above 300. He has a dozen first place Associated Press Awards.

He was recently presented with the Atlantic Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award for his reporting. He's also a past recipient of the Child Advocacy National Reporter of the Year Award for his reports on children's issues.

Dennis is madly in love with his wife Lindsay. They have been married 15 years and still can't get enough of each other.

Lindsay is a travel writer. His adult daughter, Natasha is a stand-up comedian. His adult daughter Katrina is a theoretical mathematician. His 12-year-old daughter Gigi and 9-year-old son Jac, are both a joy to be around. The Ferrier family loves spending time together traveling, hiking, biking, and most of all, eating really good food.

Before working in middle Tennessee, Dennis worked in other cities as a reporter, but that all seems like ancient history now.

Dennis believes he is a servant to his viewers and hopes it shows in his work. He loves middle Tennessee's beautiful communities and hard-working, generous residents.

He hopes you'll call or email him at if you have a story.

God Bless!