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    Thank you for your interest in advertising on FOX 17!

    We are in the business of helping people succeed and businesses grow. Did you know that adults spend more time watching television than radio, newspaper or cable combined?

    There is a reason why when you go into any home, all the furniture faces the television set. You don't see the furniture facing the radio or the driveway waiting for the newspaper to arrive.

    Television works and it is the most cost effective advertising choice anyone can make. Fox 17 is Nashville's connection to the young viewers and consumer dollars that advertisers and businesses yearn to reach through their marketing campaigns.

    With more programs targeting that hard-to-reach young audience, the even harder-to-reach male audience and most elusive, an 18-49 year old audience, Fox 17 delivers a product of considerable value to the local or national advertiser.

    We can create demand for your business and brand your business to future customers.

    Information is power, so email Paula Maupin, our Executive Assistant at and we will have a FOX 17 representative contact you to begin developing a campaign that will deliver you results.

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