Titans 7-on-7 tournament provides unique experience for high school players

Titans 7-on-7 tournament

Sometimes when rookies step onto these NFL campuses, it's their first time in that type of environment. But not for a group of Tennessee high school football players.

The Titans held their 4th annual 7-on-7 passing tournament Wednesday with 10 area schools and two teams from Alabama. Not only is it great competition leading up to the start of the high school football season, but it gives the players and coaches a hands-on experience at an NFL facility.

“Experiencing the dream before it comes true. It's like seeing what everything looks like. It's nice to be in a NFL facility," said Pearl Cohn receiver Jayden Harrison.

"Of course every kid growing up who plays football wants to make it to the NFL. It's cool to see where these guys practice at and we got to hang out in the cafeteria and the auditorium and the team meeting room,” added Oakland head coach Kevin Creasy.

"It's big for them to give back to the community and feed the kids and get t-shirts. That's big. The development part of it, the counseling and talking about life. It's a blessing," explained Pearl Cohn head coach Tony Brunetti.

"We really invest a lot of resources in this. It's something from our ownership group down is really important. We try to make it a first class experience for the kids to come and compete and get after it," described Titans football outreach Josh Corey.

Oakland won the titans 7-on-7 tournament for the third time in four years. They beat Pearl Cohn 31-14 after defeating last year's tournament champs Brentwood Academy in the semifinals.

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