Which states claim the highest totals of Winter Olympic athletes this year?

Photo: NBC Sports / YouTube-MGN

SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP (WZTV)-The Winter Olympics are in full-swing and the United States has 244 athletes competing.

So where are all these athletes coming from?

The U.S. Census Bureau decided to examine which states can claim being home to some of the world's elite athletes. Using population statistics, the Census Bureau found as of February 9, 31 states are responsible for those representing this year's team.

Colorado led the way with 31 athletes, nine more than California's 22. Colorado leads the nation in skiing establishments, so there's no surprise there. But California claims the most sports centers (3,788), places that include skating rinks.

While the two states lead the way in total number of athletes, Vermont had the highest number of athletes per capita of any state. With a population of 624,594 people, Vermont's 15 athletes equates to 24 athletes for every million.

The Census Bureau says about 7 in 10 athletes come from states with fewer than 10 million residents while 3 out of 10 Olympians come from the nine largest states.

Below are the number of athletes per state:

Colorado (31), California (22), Minnesota (20), New York (19), Utah (16), Vermont (15), Massachusetts (13), Illinois (11), Michigan (11), Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (9), Connecticut (8), Alaska (7), Florida (5), Oregon (5), New Hampshire (4), Virginia (4), Washington (4), Idaho (3), Maine (3), Montana (3), Nevada (3), North Carolina (3), Texas (3), Wyoming (3), Georgia (2), Maryland (2), North Dakota (2), Indiana (1), New Jersey (1), Ohio (1).

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