Meet James Bond: Austin Peay's secret weapon on the field

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He's the ultimate spy, using suave style and bold moves to win over fans. No, not movie fans. Fans of Austin Peay.

"Once I say my name is James Bond, it's more like 'Woah hold on, is your name really James Bond?" said Bond.

The Austin Peay senior also goes by "Double-Oh."

"His name is James Bond and he's number seven. Oh that's so cool," laughed Bond.

He shares his dry wit with the silver screen version.

"When I call, say the operator. They say sir, what's your name. I say Bond, James Bond. They say sir, quit playing on the phone. I say seriously, my name's James Bond. And they say sorry, that's so cool," joked Bond.

Austin Peay head coach Will Healy says the parallels go further than the moniker.

"He's got the name, he's got the swag. I always felt like James Bond was the one to close the business deal and that's a little bit of what we got here with James Bond. He's a really intelligent human being. He's cerebral. He's going to find a way to get things done just like the real James Bond," described Healy.

There is a glaring difference. Bond the spy always had a back-up plan. However for Bond the athlete, it was always Austin Peay, even during the Govs 29-game losing streak.

"I'm in love with this place. I'm in love with the people. One thing I take pride on when people say something about Austin Peay, yeah I got to school there. It's something I take very seriously," explained Bond.

Because for fans of this Bond, nothing is as endearing as his commitment to Austin Peay.

James Bond is actually a junior. He hopes to continue the legacy and plans on naming his future son James Bond as well.

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