Share The Joy: Sharon Payton & Autism Education & Therapy Center

(FOX 17 News)

FOX 17 News and Big Lots were pleased to "Share The Joy" this holiday season by giving Sharon Payton a $500 gift card to Big Lots.

The woman who nominated Sharon said Sharon saved her husband's life. That’s because Sharon responded to a post on Facebook for a kidney transplant. They didn’t know each other. Sharon just felt moved enough to act. Turned out she was a match. She saved the woman’s husband...and now the two talk nearly every day.

Sharon also volunteers her time to help victims of sex trafficking. As a matter of fact, when we gave her the $500 gift card, she starting buying supplies and food to help people trying to escape.

Sharon was able to choose a charity of her choice to "Share The Joy" with. She chose The Autism Education & Therapy Center, who came on FOX 17 News This Morning. Watch the interview in the video below:

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