VIDEO: Cat stuck in fireplace rescued after owner pleads for help on Facebook

After a woman made a plea for help to free a trapped cat on Facebook, neighbors stepped in to help. (Photos/video courtesy: Kathy Muelker)

Last Friday, a woman in the Wells Branch area sent out a desperate plea for help on Facebook:

Please help cat stuck somewhere in fireplace and we cannot see it but can hear it. We're freaking out! Any advice?

Lindsey Klayman made the request on the Wells Branch Melting Pot Facebook group. She said they called 911, 311, the fire department, and even a chimney sweep, but that no one could help.

After dozens of comments were made on Lindsay's Facebook post offering advice on how to rescue the cat, neighbor Kathy Muelker enlisted her husband Jack — a "Jack of all trades" — to help.

Jack removed one brick from the fireplace and used a flexible inspection camera to find the trapped kitty cat, named Betty, who was able to squeeze out of the hole safely.

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