Saving You Money: Weddings

Watch the video above to learn how you can save money on your wedding (WZTV)

I'm Saving You Money on the big wedding day. 'Tis the season to tie the knot, but the average cost to get married now tops a whopping $32 thousand dollars.

That's up more than five grand since 2010.

The median household income is around $54 thousand, so that means many couples are spending more than 50 percent of their annual income just on their wedding.

Now, three easy ways to cut costs.

First, schedule your wedding in off peak times. The magazine Real Simple says you can save up to 30 percent by getting married in November, January, February or March with the exception of Valentines Day.

You can rent your dress or borrow one.

Sites like have great affordable options. Even check Ebay or Craigslist. Remember, another bride only wore it once, so you could save hundreds of dollars this way.

Finally, alcohol is one of the biggest expenses at your wedding. Wedding consultants say choose a signature drink to keep costs down, rather than having lots of opened liquor bottles which you have to pay for.

You could just stick with beer and wine.

The fewer choices.... the cheaper your bill.

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