Saving You Money: Low Airfares, Gas and Tax Returns

Saving You Money-Airfares, Gas and Tax Returns

In 'Saving You Money, if you're still making those Spring Break plans, it looks like you can save money whether you drive or fly this year.

The Transportation Department says domestic airfares dropped to a six year low. Prices have fallen more than six percent and we can thank the growth of low cost airlines and a big drop in the price of jet fuel.

You've seen the drop in fuel at the gas pump too.

The Fed says we can expect to pay less than $2 bucks a gallon all year. By some estimates, that means the average household will save about $320 this year. That makes this the perfect time to put that money back in an emergency fund or to pay down Christmas debt.

Finally, get disciplined with your tax return too before it gets here. Don't just blow it! If you get a $5 thousand dollar return for example, that could boost your monthly budget by more than $400 bucks throughout the year. That might cover the monthly bill on a car payment or student loan for a whole year.

Do the math and the planning now before the return gets here.

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