Saving You Money: Changing Air Filters


I'm Saving You Money tonight on your A/C bill. The weather is really heating up and there's one thing you can do to cut costs up to 15 percent. That is to change your air filter in your unit at home a minimum of once every three months. Germantown homeowner, Renee Jutte says she does a pretty good job of remembering, but adds with a chuckle, "The older I get, the more I have to work with a calendar, notifications, writing everything down for sure."

FilterSnap founder Shane Kenny explains why it's a matter of health and money, "If this is all clogged up with dog hair and cat hair and whatever, your system has to work harder to pull the air through it. So, it will run longer. Running longer means it's using more electricity or gas."

Heating and cooling your home typically makes up about 50 percent of your energy budget. The Department of Energy says changing that filter regularly will save you up to 15% a year. That doesn't count the savings you'll get from a unit that lasts longer. Failing to change the filter makes the system work harder. That means it could break sooner. Estimates show the major components of your system will cost $300 to $700 to fix. Numbers that'll get your attention when it comes to changing out a low cost filter to avoid high cost consequences.

There are all kinds of recommendations on how often you should change your air filter. Service Experts says a seldom used home can go six months before a filter change. A typical home with no pets needs a filter change every three months. If you have just one pet, change your filter every two months. Finally, if you have multiple pets or any family member with allergies, you should change your filter every month to month and a half.

One other savings tip? You can buy filters in bulk on sites like Amazon for a quarter of the price you'd pay at the store.

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