Saving You Money: Avoiding Cell Phone App Storage Issues

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--When using your phone to buy things, you typically use an app either from a bank, credit card, or third party like Paypal. According to the Consumer Federation of America, some apps store more information about you than you realize. Like your name, home address and email address.

They may also keep records of your calls and texts. The contacts on your phone, your calendar and websites you visit. Apps can even track your phone's whereabouts, where you shop, what you buy and how much you spend.

Some apps may share your information with other companies, but there are simple steps to keep private information safe. Lock your phone when you're not using it. Read an apps' privacy policy.

Be careful when using public Wi-Fi where hackers can access your sensitive banking information. Remember, before you trade in, donate or recycle a phone to wipe it clean beforehand.

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