What is Project Nashville & How to Contact Us

PHOTO: Downtown Nashville-FOX 17 News

Whether you’re a longtime Nashville resident or you’re new to Music City, you know our city is experiencing some growing pains. Project Nashville is a yearlong FOX 17 News investigation into Nashville’s growth and how it’s affecting all of us who live and work here.

The scope of our FOX 17 News investigations is limited only by the ability to show a problem is caused by, or directly connected to, growth.

Look for Project Nashville investigations to air weekly on FOX 17 News at 9:00 and during FOX 17 News This Morning.

We’d like to invite you to be part of Project Nashville.

For better or worse, everyone who visits, lives or works in Nashville, is likely experiencing this growth. Tell us what you see and what you’d like us to investigate.

You can reach us at Project Nashville at the email address and phone number below.

Be sure to leave a name and contact number.

Working together for a better Music City,

Project Nashville


PHONE/VOICEMAIL: 615-259-5631

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