Anonymous couple gifts $100 to each employee at fast food restaurant

Employees at the Bush's Chicken in Georgetown are still in shock less than a week after a couple gave each worker a Christmas card with a $100 bill. (KEYE Austin)

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KEYE) —There can be quite a commotion at the Bush's Chicken in Georgetown, Texas. At all hours, employees refill the sweet tea, fry up chicken, and take orders. In the midst of this hard work, an anonymous couple surprised the workers with a generous Christmas gift.

General Manager Randy Duncan says the couple asked him how many people worked in the store. He told them 25. Moments later, they came back with a Christmas card for each employee.

Inside each card was a $100 bill.

"I've been before where I've had one individual get a big tip like that, but not for an entire store," Duncan said.

When the employees opened up their gift, they became overwhelmed with emotions.

"I wanted to cry, but I was like, 'I can't do that right now. I'm at work, I'll cry when I get home," said Makayla Cook.

Valeria Argote says she will use the money to buy socks to donate to the homeless. She still cannot believe someone would do this out of the kindness of their hearts.

"Somebody was nice enough to donate that much money. I was crying," Argote said.

Leslie Sanchez says she had the same reaction almost all of her coworkers had.

"I opened it, and saw a $100 bill. I started screaming, 'Who gave us this?'"

With this donation happening so close to Christmas, employees say this money will go a long way.

"A good majority of our workers, even as teenagers are contributing to their households. They're not just here for extra money or the experience," Duncan said.

Ever since this donation, Duncan says morale has been up.

As workers continue to prepare food ahead of the holidays, they're hoping the couple who gave them this gift comes back soon.

"There's still good people out there that help people," Cook said.

Bush's Chicken is a Texas-based fast food franchise with more than 90 stores.

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