Watch: Another Texas nursing home floods, leaving residents submerged and trapped


Another nursing home in Texas -- this one in Port Arthur -- has flooded following Hurricane Harvey, leaving its 70 residents (some in wheelchairs) trapped in knee-deep water.

Sinclair's KFDM was live on the scene; reporter James Ware says the situation is "one of the worst" he's seen.

The nursing home is called Lake Arthur Place, and it's located at 4225 Lake Arthur Drive.

Michelle Metzger, director of communications for Senior Care Centers, released this statement:

We are in the process of evacuating the patients and residents of Cypress Glen and Lake Arthur Place with assistance from the Coast Guard and other appropriate organizations. This is a fragile population, and we want to assure their safety both during the evacuation process and at the location that will temporarily shelter them. Their evacuation requires that medicine, food and other items necessary to their care are at the location where they will shelter.

Police had arrived on scene as of 2:20 p.m. ET.

With many of the residents in wheelchairs, employees at the facility say the scenario is dire.

While they have enough water (for now), food is scarce, they say.

The situation comes less than a week after a photo of nursing home residents at a flooded facility elsewhere in Texas went viral.

Luckily, those residents are now fine.

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