Ohio toddler found frozen to death on porch

Ohio toddler found frozen to death on porch. (WJW via CNN Newsource)

AKRON, Ohio (WZTV) - A toddler froze to death on a porch in Ohio.

Police say a mother called 911, frantic after finding her 2-year-old daughter unresponsive.

Neighbors say the woman keeps to herself and has two children, WJW reported.

"I cried because I just don't understand how a 2-year-old could be outside and you not know," Crystal Lucas, a neighbor, said.

They also say they've seen both children left outside alone before.

"I've had to take the baby home because she'll be outside playing,” Lucas said. “It was a few times that I had to take both of her kids home."

There’s no word yet on whether the mother will be charged in the incident.

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