Police hope to identify suspects who stole man's mortgage payment

Oklahoma City Police say two suspects stole a man's wallet and $900. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Police are on the hunt for two people who stole a man's mortgage payment from his vehicle parked at a metro gas station.

Asa Howie said he didn't expect to have $900 taken from his truck last Thursday.

"That's my mortgage for the month," Howie said. "That's my entire mortgage. Plus all my credit cards are all gone, my company credit cards are all gone."

Howie did have the money stolen, along with his wallet, while he was parked to check out leasing office space. Some of the money was left outside of his truck parked on Melrose Ln. as you can see in surveillance pictures.

"You know I'm in gym shorts mowing the lawn that day," Howie said. "There's no pockets in something like that so it makes it tough."

Howie said he's not sure how the money ended up on the ground but it was a windy day. He hopes to identify the suspect in the pictures, but didn't expect this to happen here.

"I do business with some of the businesses in that area," Howie said. "They do some of my design work for me. So no I thought it was a great area. I'm not concerned in the least bit."

Police said even though some of this money ended up on the ground, if you can tell who it belong to, you have a responsibility to return it.

"The law is very clear on it," Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight said. "That if you find property and you have a very good idea as to who it belong to, you are required to make an attempt to return it to them. There was no such attempt made here."

Howie said this has been a frustrating process but he would like his property back.

"The money will probably never be returned," Howie said. "But all the other things in my wallet is a big deal."

The suspect's car is described as a silver Mustang with black flames on the window.

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