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'Masks are back': Expert warns as terrible haze covers the East Coast

One health expert warns DMV residents of the smoky haze covering the region. Here's what she advises everyone to do. (WJLA)
One health expert warns DMV residents of the smoky haze covering the region. Here's what she advises everyone to do. (WJLA)
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Health experts and local county officials are advising people to stay indoors and limit strenuous activities outside due to the poor air quality across the East Coast.

The poor air quality is stemming from the wildfires in eastern Canada.

The masks are back for the next two days at least,” said Hannah Winnant.

Winnant is the Deputy Director of Arlington County Emergency Management and she’s advising people to consider staying indoors.

“People who are more at risk for poor air quality, for example, people with asthma, the elderly or very young children should absolutely consider staying inside,” said Winnant. “But we advise this for everyone.“

On Wednesday, it didn’t take long for airplanes to vanish in the haze at Gravely Point in Arlington Virginia. There was haze as far as the eye could see across Washington, D.C.'s Tidal Basin and, in the distance, the national monuments blended in with the white haze.

In Arlington County, people were seen covering their noses and mouths whether it was with their clothes or facial coverings.

People should consider staying indoors as much as they can,” Winnant said. “If they have to go outside, consider staying safe by limiting strenuous activity. For example, if you were going to go for a jog today, consider going for a walk. If you work outside consider frequent breaks, drinking water and I think all of us remember these. Consider wearing a facemask if you are out as well.

If you are staying inside, Winnant recommended keeping your windows closed.

“And to use your air conditioning if you have it,” said Winnant. “If you don’t have air conditioning, get to community centers or local libraries within your jurisdiction and of course subscribe to emergency alerts with wherever your local jurisdiction may be so you can stay up to date with the latest.”

Despite the warnings, many high schools carried on with the outdoor graduation ceremonies on Wednesday, including Meridian High School in Falls Church City.

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