Hundreds of Harvey evacuees staying at shelters in San Antonio

Evacuees staying a Kazen Middle School (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - Hundreds of evacuees are staying at shelters in the Alamo City.

More than 600 are at Kazen Middle School on the South Side.

“We were sleeping on the floor just to make it safer to the kids,” says Katrina Longoria. It's been a really tough few days for so many families as supplies have been coming in.

“Delivering pop cribs last night we heard more than 20 babies had to sleep in cardboard boxes because there weren't cribs available yet,” says Jeanne-Aimee DeMarrais, Senior Director of U.S Emergencies for Save The Children.

People like Johanna Cochran and Daniel Cummins left Rockport before Hurricane Harvey tore apart the area.

“To me it's terrifying because i have never been through it,” says Cochran . They left behind their home and friends who stayed to protect their property.

“Knd of scary to know it might not be there when we get back,” adds Cummins.

Some Corpus Christ families are also having the same worry. “A little bit scared. I have never been in a hurricane and this one was really bad,” says Journey Syms.

The shelter is providing the evacuees with a hot meal, a place to sleep, and showers as they await answers on back home.

“We are just waiting to see what they say,” adds Cummins.

A little over 1,000 evacuees are staying at shelters in San Antonio due to Hurricane Harvey. They are expected to stay in the city for the next few days until they can return to the coast.

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