Creepy clown Facebook page threat forces school district lockdown

File Photo: A creepy photo of a clown posted by Instagram user "gijonclow." (MGN Online)

FLOMATON, Ala. (WPMI) -- Local 15 News has learned the elementary, middle and high schools in Flomaton, Alabama were briefly placed on lock down Thursday morning, following threats and suggestive emojis from a Facebook page titled "Flomo Klown."

Officials said a post on Facebook indicated that clowns were at the school. However, they say no clowns were even seen on campus. A series of threatening posts included animated gun icons followed in another post by the message "I love kids."

The call was made to place the schools on lock down while investigators canvased the scene. Officials say during this time no one was allowed to enter or leave the schools. The superintendent said everyone remained calm at the schools, and the students continued learning while investigators did their job.

Officials say they don't know if this was a prank, but they will investigate it as a real threat unless evidence leads to something else.

There have been an increasing number of reports of clowns terrorizing neighborhoods between Georgia and North Carolina.

In Macon, Georgia, a group of children were harassed by clowns carrying fake knives and flashlights.

Meanwhile, reports of clowns trying to "lure children into the woods" have spread across North Carolina.

Police have urged whomever is carrying out these so-called pranks to stop.

At least one person has been charged with lying about a clown sighting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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