Woolly Worm predicts bitter cold winter in middle Tennessee

    Photo Courtesy: Laura Ann Watson

    Winter is just around the corner and while NOAA says we're shaping up to have a mild winter - a middle Tennessee woolly worm says otherwise.

    FOX 17 News was sent a photo of a local woolly worm, long used for weather folklore to predict winter conditions.

    Chief Meteorologist Katy Morgan said if that woolly worm is going to be the basis for our winter forecast, then buckle up, we’re in for a bitter cold winter.

    The black color represents the cold of the winter month, while the red or orange color you’ll typically see on other woolly worms represents the length of mild weather we’ll have throughout the season. Our local woolly worm was black in color.

    In folklore language, this would not bode well for warm weather fans. Good thing it’s just folklore!

    Another bit of folklore fun is the persimmon seed, which showed multiple spoons with the SkyWatch17 weather team cut it open. According to folklore, that means a snowy winter.

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