Woman says man stole her heart, then her car after love at first swipe

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    Dominique Robinson is a hard-working mom, looking for love but apparently in all the wrong places.

    “Oh, he was wonderful. Charming, charming as a boyfriend, very charming and that was the trick,” said Robinson.

    Robinson went fishing and found her love on the dating app Plenty of Fish. She says it all started out like a dream with romantic dates, a lot of quality time and kind words. She introduced her new man to her family and friends, then things took a turn.

    “I started seeing the red flags when I started getting inboxes from women. Other women were saying, I’m his girlfriends. I’m pregnant. He’s saying they’re lying,” said Robinson.

    She says the man she fell for, fell for other women too. He took their hearts, their money and now her car leaving her and her kids without a way to get around. Each woman who reached out to her said they met him on other dating sites. They accused him of shopping for women to take advantage of on different dating apps. Just like Robinson, he promised them the world but took everything.

    Robert Young, a former Metro officer and now private investigator for his company covert results, says people using dating sites to scam people is a danger that’s showing no sign of slowing down, especially when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

    "If you’re hiding behind a cell phone, you’re going to be able to make up whatever you can make up. Pretty much anything you can type up could be the truth or not the truth,” said Young.

    Young, says his company gets lots of calls to do background checks. He says it will cost some people money up front but will save women like Robinson money and heartache on the back end.

    “It’s fearful. It’s very fearful. I’m kind of embarrassed because I have girls. My children have to watch their back,” said Robinson.

    Police found Robinson’s car abandoned at a Walmart in Chattanooga. She now has to pay to go and pick it up. As for her boyfriend, he’s nowhere to be found.

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