Woman led police on chase through Nashville with kid, drugs in car, affidavit says

Alicia Risby mug photo (Metro Police)

A Nashville woman was charged with leading police on a pursuit through Nashville with a kid in the car.

Alicia Renee Risby, 27, is charged with child endangerment and evading arrest with risk of death of injury to third parties.

According to Metro Police affidavits, Risby was pulled over for a traffic stop along Ed Temple Boulevard on Thursday. Risby stopped her vehicle, but when an officer was about to exit their cruiser, Risby fled at a high rate of speed and made aggressive lane changes, narrowly missing other cars, police said.

Metro Police followed Risby to the 2400 block of Buena Vista Pike where she finally parked her car and exited the vehicle. Officers quickly took her into custody. A child, under the age of 8 years old, was found in the back of the vehicle.

Police say they could also see cocaine and marijuana in plain view. The cocaine field tested positive.

Risby is booked in Davidson County Jail on a $108,000 bond.

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