Woman charged with TennCare fraud after "doctor shopping" for pills, officials say

(Office of the Inspector General)

A middle Tennessee woman has been charged of TennCare fraud after officials said she "doctor shopped" for pills.

Ashley M. Craig, 31, of Spring Hill is charged with TennCare fraud by doctor shopping for Oxycodone.

The Office of the Inspector General said doctor shopping is when a person visits several doctors in a short period of time to obtain prescription drugs from each of them. Craig is accused of doctor shopping in the Williamson County area.

“We are determined to prevent TennCare dollars from being used to illegally obtain prescription drugs and from contributing to the opioid epidemic in Tennessee,” Inspector General Kim Harmon said. “We appreciate the hard work of the local law enforcement agencies and the providers that bring these cases to our attention.”

TennCare fraud is a Class D felony and punishable by up to four years in prison. Since TennCare fraud investigations started in 2005, $3 million has been repaid to TennCare.

Click here to report a TennCare fraud tip or call 800-433-3982.

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