Witness describes husband's heroic actions saving wife from mugger in Antioch

FOX 17 News

Imagine you're just walking to your apartment from your car when a man attacks you, grabbing your purse, slamming your head up against a concrete wall.

That's exactly what police say happened to one mom Monday night at the Baker Station Apartments in Antioch.

Talk to neighbors who heard Monday night's attack, and they'll tell you it was terrifying.

"I just heard a lot of screaming and was shocked, and then started running to try and help, see what was going on,” said one witness who wishes to be anonymous.

The witness lives in the apartment next door, and heard the woman’s cries for help.

He rushed out to find the husband of the 25-year-old woman leaping over the railing of the second floor balcony, fighting off her attacker.

"Kudos to the husband for what he did, he's very protective of his family which is the number one priority and I'm sure she's really going to love him after this,” he said.

Police say the husband fired shots hitting 19-year-old Jordan Ponce, who got arrested after going to Southern Hills hospital.

"It seemed like he was ready because he got a pretty good shot,” the man said.

Neighbors tell FOX 17 News this isn't the first time someone's been robbed at Baker Station Apartments.

"It's dark, there should be more lights out here, I know there's a lot of women out here with kids, single parents, there should be more lights out here,” said neighbor Michael Palmer.

The property manager sent a letter to tenants following the incident, warning them about the crimes, but also saying they can't promise it won't happen again. The letter also said they can’t guarantee the personal safety and security of residents.

Meanwhile the couple is at home recovering from the traumatic ordeal.

The woman wants her story to be a lesson for everyone to always be aware of your surroundings.

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