What Metro Council's investigation into Mayor Barry's affair will cost taxpayers

(Fox 17 News)

Several investigations are underway, a month since Mayor Barry admitted to the affair with her former head of security Sgt. Rob Forrest, but the truth comes at a cost to the taxpayers.

Vice Mayor David Briley recommended two different Memphis law firms for the investigation.

At their second meeting on Thursday, the Metro Council Special Committee decided to hire the cheaper of the two firms, which is also the one that does not have an office or connection in Nashville.

Metro council will vote at their Tuesday March 6 meeting on hiring Memphis law firm Burch, Porter and Johnson.

The firm would charge $395/hour to investigate. They would look at overtime, travel and other budget expenses while taking a close look at Sgt. Forrest’s big bump in overtime as Mayor Barry’s bodyguard.

Metro Auditor Mark Swann will meet with the attorneys at Burch, Porter and Johnson to go over the investigation plan. Whatever they find, the Metro Council Special Committee does not have power to charge or force Mayor Barry to resign.

While taxpayers wait for answers, some have said that Nashville is divided. Around 1,500 people have already signed the Recall Megan Barry pledge.

Members of the Facebook group ‘We Support You Mayor Megan Barry’ have organized their support for her.

Music City continues to see Mayor Barry at her daily events steadfast that she’s not going to step down.

Recall Megan Barry lead organizer Johann Porisch said they’re working toward trying to remove the mayor from office.

“We see this mayor as being completely defiant against everything that the people's wishes are,” Porisch said. “We want them to have a chance to vote on her ability to continue running our city.”

Nashville business owner Bishoy Saad said it’s too soon to try and force her out.

“The investigations are going on,” Saad said. “There's nothing proven yet. So as far as a mayor, I support her. I don't want her to resign. I think she's doing great as a mayor.”

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