"We lost a hero:" Lawrenceburg community remembers fallen firefighter

(FOX 17 News)

A firefighter was killed and four others were injured after a house fire collapse Monday evening.

Engineer Jason Dickey, 38, died after being trapped in the collapse at 500 block of Hood Lakes Road.

Firefighter Kendall Sherrell remains in the Intensive Care Unit, and Captain Wade Marsten is being treated at Southern Tennessee Regional Medical Center. Marsten is expected to be released sometime Tuesday.

Lawrenceburg Fire Captains Jon Brewer and Brian Green have been treated and released.

The Nashville Fire Department will provide an escort for Dickey starting at the Medical Examiner's office at 2 p.m. and ending at the county line.

Councilman and Chaplain Chad Moore choked up while announcing the death of Dickey to dozens who gathered at the news conference. Moore said the house fire first broke out about 4:30 p.m. and right away neighboring departments were called in to help.

At about 7:57 p.m., Moore said a distress call for a collapsed roof went out, trapping four Lawrenceburg firefighters and two New Prospect firefighters underneath.

Rescue teams were deployed for the entrapped firefighters and were able to provide emergency breathing air while the team worked to rescue them. Firefighters were extricated by the use of hydraulic tools and other special equipment, Moore said.

By about 8:09 p.m., all firefighters had been rescued and immediately emergency medical care and resuscitation efforts were underway. Devastatingly, Dickey succumbed to his injuries.

“Jason is a young man that I grew up with, I lived next door to growing up, we were a year apart in high school,” Moore said. “He’s a faithful member of this fire department, he loved his job and he loved what he did. Today this department’s hurting, today these men are hurting and today they need your support and we thank you for your prayers.”

The tight-knit community of Lawrenceburg and the whole state is mourning the loss.

"Literally all across this state people have responded to our community in our time of need," Moore said. "Today we could not be more grateful and thankful for their love and for their support."

Fire Chief Jay Moore also held back tears when speaking of Dickey, someone he has known his whole life.

"We lost a hero,” Jay Moore said. “We lost a man. He saved several lives in his 11 year-career. He was a very strong individual, a very long individual and a very caring person. We was like one of my own, I’ve lost one of my boys. We ask for your prayers and the public’s prayers.”

According to Lawrenceburg Now, Dickey was one of several first responders who helped a family of four after their vehicle had crashed upside down into an icy creek in Dec. 2012. The article Dickey, along with another fireman and a police officer, helped rescue a 7-year-old child who was trapped inside the vehicle.

Dickey is survived by his wife Jennifer, who is expecting a child in the coming weeks, two daughters ages 16 and 2, and an 11-year-old son.

Support continues to pour in from neighboring fire departments, some of which even stepped in to help during this tragic time. Columbia and Spring Hill sent crews down to run the fire department on Monday night and on Tuesday morning, Murfreesboro and Franklin fire departments took over and are currently running the Lawrenceburg Fire Department.

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