'Watching the rain was wild' East Nashville roommates work to clean up flooding mess

Photo: FOX 17 News

East Nashville saw its fair share of torrential downpours Wednesday night, and many are still cleaning up the mess.

“Watching the rain was wild, it was definitely like a very crazy situation,” said East Nashville resident Pierce Durley, who just moved to Nashville about three weeks ago.

“Parts of at least the downstairs kitchen aren't working anymore, and the electricity stuff downstairs can't be used either,” Durley said.

On the positive side, he and his roommate are going to get to know each other a whole lot better, because Leonard Gray is now moving into his part of the house.

Gray just moved in last week and lived on the bottom floor, until it got flooded.

On Wednesday night, Gray went to bed worry free, but – on Thursday morning – he woke up to about four inches of water in his room.

“I had a tote and it was just floating,” Gray said.

What's more unbelievable, more than 12 hours later, there is still a steady stream of water flowing out of their house.

Their landlord believes it's coming from the ground because they live at the bottom of a large hill and all that water is coming down into their yard.

Gray said it's an old house, so you never know what you're going to deal with, but he never imagined this.

Now, they're just hoping the upcoming rains won't be too bad, because that could cause some problems that go beyond just inconvenience.

But, they're not letting those thoughts bring them down.

“I think we should be alright. If it rains more, we'll figure something out,” Durley said.

They're not sure how long the water will stay in the house, but Durley says it will probably be at least a month until everything gets fixed.

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