WATCH: Some think Davidson County Judge went too far in courtroom

(Fox 17 News)

A Davidson County attorney said she fears her clients will not get a fair trial because of a judge that some say went too far in the courtroom by yelling at the attorney.

In the video, Davidson County Fourth Circuit Court Judge Philip Smith slammed his hand on the desk and said “Ma’am! You do because you’re the most obnoxious lawyer that comes in here. You show no respect to this court and quite frankly I don’t know how you practice law."

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Cynthia Cheatham is an attorney who primarily represents domestic violence and child abuse victims.

“Ms. Cheatham you don’t want to follow the rules in this court, and you’re going to follow the rules,” Judge Smith said in the video. “You’re the only attorney I have that comes in here not following my rules! Why do you think you’re special and are exempt from these rules?”

Cheatham said Judge Smith’s behavior in the courtroom has become increasingly more intense toward her.

“All I've ever asked for, for any client, is just let them be heard,” Cheatham said. “Let their case be brought to court. Hear their evidence and make a decision not based on what you think of me personally.”

In response to the video, Judge Smith said, “I stand by my statements and questioned the attorney’s respect for the court.”

“If he believes that about me, then I don't think he needs to be sitting on any of my cases,” Cheatham said. “I don't think anybody I represent is going to get a fair trial. And I don't think anybody that tried to make argument that he disagrees with, is going to get a fair trial. Not just me.”

Cheatham said she filed a motion asking Judge Smith to recuse himself from the case.

“The child's whole family unit is affected by this kind of decision making and behavior,” Cheatham said.

Cheatham said she has not filed a formal complaint but did reach out to the disciplinary body to get some feedback on the situation.

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