WATCH: Fight breaks out at Maplewood high school, student arrested

A Nashville high school student has been arrested after a fight was caught on camera. A Maplewood High School student posted the video of the fight on Instagram, and now it's all people seem to be talking about.

The school district said the fight started over what one student was wearing. Thankfully, both of the students in the video are OK. They were both suspended from school.

Students believe the fight started over a pair of red shoes. The fight goes on for a bit, and it appears there wasn't a teacher in the room. The school district tells FOX 17 News they believe whoever was in charge may have stepped out of the room for a minute when the fight happened.

"I think it was just pretty crazy,” said a student who didn’t want to go on camera.

The senior said the two young men in the video have been having issues for a while.

"The teachers room got destroyed, his computer got destroyed, his classroom got destroyed," said the senior.

The district said one student was arrested, and there is a deeper investigation underway.

At Maplewood High School, 36 students have been suspended over the last year for fighting. To which, the district said that fights happen at any school.

"I mean, it's high school, you are going to have fights a lot,” said a student.

However, it is the same high school where a student brought a 9 millimeter with a separate loaded magazine in his backpack in December. And in November, a 15-year-old student was charged after making a bomb threat.

"My school is really safe, we have a lot of officers here, we have a lot of good teachers here and a lot of students that are willing to help out, and the counselors,” said a student.

She, and another student we showed the video to said the fight was dramatic, but it was an exception to the rule.

A representative with the district said the fight wasn't the classiest way to solve a disagreement, but it does happen.

They have rules and policies in place, and they are hoping the two young men will learn from it.

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