Woman says she's lucky to be alive after possible tornado in Warren County

Warren Co. mobile home destroyed in possible tornado PHOTO: WZTV

Warren County homeowners are picking up the pieces Wednesday night after a possible tornado ripped through the Irving Park area.

Several people there are without a place to sleep because of the damage to their roofs and yards. One mobile home on Chapel Hill Drive is a pile of debris.

Jayme Harvey, who was living in the now-destroyed home, says she was just standing in her bedroom when she felt the house lift and roll. Next thing she knew, she was crawling out from under a heap of debris.

She has several cuts, but said she's just happy to be alive.

"It kept rolling and rolling and when it stopped over there I was under some stuff and I pulled myself out," Harvey said, "I just have a lot of cuts but right now I don't feel anything, but I'm sure I will later."

Harvey was one of three people living in the home. She was the only one inside when the storm came through.

They are all being assisted by the American Red Cross.

The National Weather Service will be in Warren County Thursday to survey the damage.

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