#WalkUp movement gains traction as response to nation school walkouts

(Fox 17 News)

A Parkland shooting victim’s father is suggesting a different approach to end gun violence with protests.

Ryan Petry tweeted a message for students to #WalkUpNotOut and walk up to 17 students and adults to honor the 17 victims killed in Florida, including his daughter.

Similar efforts are happening across the country based on Petty’s idea.

On Wednesday at 10 a.m., Nashville School of the Arts and Hume Fogg students participated in the national walk out to end gun violence.

“Beautiful coming together of all these students and teachers," said Claudia Schorr, a freshman at Nashville School of the Arts.

“It was amazing that so many people came out," said Maisy Owen, a freshman at Nashville School of the Arts.

Organizer Maisy Owen said she and her peers marched to the state capitol.

“We spoke with Harold Love," Owen said. "We have to know the issues we're trying to fix. So he gave us books on the laws.”

"We actually went and talked to a state representative," said Matthew Drake, a freshman at Nashville School of the Arts.

While these three freshmen prepare for two more upcoming national protests, Ryan Petty writes that participants will only accomplish exercising while exceeding the First Amendment.

”You don't know what other people are going through," Owen said. "If something happens at school and you didn't reach out to those people, that would be a regret that you have. You should just in general always be nice to people because you have no idea.”

“These kids to try and hold them responsible for someone coming into their school and shooting them and taking these 17 lives and so many others before it," said Jordan Banks with Indivisible Sumner County. "That's not where the focus should be."

Banks’ group is supporting a student led a rally in Hendersonville on Wednesday night.

"The parents wanted to be able to show their support for the students and also to try and amplify the students' message as loud as possible," Banks said.

“I think you should throw yourself into both movements," Banks said. "Talking to new people and caring, that's incredibly important but also standing up for what you believe in and bringing attention to a huge issue is also incredibly important.”

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