Videos of controversial FDA study examining effects of nicotine on monkeys released

FDA Monkey Study PHOTO courtesy White Coat Waste Project

(Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released videos of a controversial study examining the effects of nicotine on monkeys.

The program was terminated in January 2018 following outcry from animal activists and the death of four squirrel monkeys used in the tests.

The White Coat Waste Project, a non-profit coalition dedicated to wasteful tax spending on animal experiments, sued the FDA over the experiments.

The study was originally launched to examine the ill-effects of nicotine and how long it would take them to become addicted. Many were locked in small cages while wearing vests that contained catheters to infuse nicotine into their bodies.

They would then take hits of nicotine inside these 'nicotine chambers.'

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suspended the program in September 2017 but then terminated it completely after finding the agency's animal program "may need to be strengthened in some important areas."

The White Coat Waste Project says their lawsuit compelled the FDA to release never-before-seen videos of the taxpayer-funded tests which were shared with FOX 17 News on Tuesday. One example shows how a monkey would take a hit of the nicotine and immediately slump over, the cycle repeating itself multiple times.

The non-profit says they are now asking for the Department of Veterans Affairs to cease using taxpayer money for dog experiments.

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