Police: New video shows no initial confrontation between Nashville officer, man he shot

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) - Metro Nashville Police have released new video that they say shows there was not initially a physical confrontation between Jacques Clemmons and Officer Joshua Lippert just after the two men exited their vehicles and before Clemmons was fatally shot.

The video, just obtained following a repair of a Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency server, shows the 31-year-old run toward the officer, before stopping short and running in the opposite direction. Metro Police previously said there was physical contact during the second confrontation between the officer and Clemmons.

Police also said they recovered a gun from Clemmons after he was shot.

Police said video released the night of the shooting appeared to show an initial altercation between Clemmons and Lippert.

“As part of the full and accountable investigation into this matter, it is important that the community know of this new development,” Chief Steve Anderson said. “The investigation is active and progressing. We are engaging with the FBI. Citizens have my assurance that the investigation will be fair, objective and complete.”

On Monday, Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson said the FBI would be monitoring the investigation and reviewing it upon completion. Anderson also said the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been asked to monitor the investigation.

Police continue to seek who they believe is a witness to the shooting.

Police released more video Monday, which they said appears to show an unidentified passenger in Clemmons' vehicle who got out and walked out of frame before the shooting.

Lippert is on administrative leave.

District Attorney Glenn Funk released the following statement Tuesday in regards to the investigation:

After meetings with Mayor Barry and Chief Anderson, I am certain that the police department is handling this investigation in an expedient and transparent manner. Today, I met with TBI Director Mark Gwynn as well as Deputy Director Jason Locke to discuss officer-involved shooting protocols. Director Gwynn offered advice on best practices going forward. As the MNPD investigation continues, the District Attorney’s Office will review the work of the police. When the investigation is complete, the entire report will be publicly posted on the District Attorney’s website.

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