VIDEO: Clarksville gun store owner says group stole 31 guns in Christmas Day break-in

Christmas Morning break-in at Double Tap Tactical

Thieves took weapons valued near $20,000 from a Clarksville gun store on Christmas Day, and the owners said the robbery is crippling his business.

"Double Tap Tactical" shared surveillance photos and videos with FOX 17 News.

The owner says on Christmas morning, a group broke in and made off with more than 31 guns and other things. Video shows three people wearing hoodies and smashing the glass front door and display cases with hammers before filling multiple bags with guns.

The thieves got away with 25 semi-automatic pistols, three revolvers and three rifles, all with brand names such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Walther, Taurus, Sig-Sauer, and several others.

“At this point now we’re trying to figure out who did this and where our guns are at,” said Ron Berger, store owner.

Berger is a military veteran who served in Iraq with the U.S. Army. Hetransitioned to civilian life, has a wife and three kids, and has owned Double Tap Tactical for five years.

“So moving forward from this point I don’t know what direction we’re gonna go unless we get our firearms back,” Berger said. "It’s not looking promising."

He said the store recently relocated and isn’t insured yet.

“We gotta get these guns off the street, and we gotta get them back,” Berger said.

According to Berger, the only lead in the case is coming out of Hendersonville.

“We’ve been informed they pulled a tag of ours that was attached to one of our firearms that was tagged to a juvenile in Hendersonville, which is pretty scary,” Berger said.

Berger said this break-in has crippled their business. Clarksville Police and ATF are investigating the case.

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