Victims pistol whipped, forced to get naked during robbery at Nashville hotel: report

FOX 17 News

Metro Police are investigating after victims were reportedly pistol whipped and forced to get naked during a robbery at a Nashville hotel.

It happened inside a room at Savoy Motel along Dickerson Pike early Thursday morning.

One victim told FOX 17 News three suspects robbed him and assaulted another victim at the hotel. He said the assailants pistol whipped one victim and took cash and jewelry from both victims.

The suspects then allegedly forced both victims to take their cloths off because the suspects "didn't believe" the cash and jewelry was all the victims had. The crime then took another bizarre turn when the suspects apparently made a sandwich before fleeing the hotel room.

The victim who was pistol whipped was taken to the hospital.

Police are still on scene Thursday morning investigating. There have been no arrests.

Police believe the victims and suspects knew each other.

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