Victim robbed at gunpoint by teens wearing “Scream” masks shares story

FOX 17 News

Metro Police continue to search for four teens who they say robbed an Antioch woman at gunpoint, while wearing masks made popular by the horror movie “Scream.”

Police said it happened Wednesday night at around 10:30 p.m. outside of a home on Sunsail Dr. in Antioch.

The victim spoke with FOX 17 News, but asked to not have her name revealed, or her face shown.

She said she was getting her three-month-old great nephew out of her vehicle, when she saw a dark-colored sedan roll through her intersection, then stop. She said four teens approached her, armed with assault rifles and wearing “Scream” masks.

“I was terrified and I was praying to God that they didn’t take the car with the baby in it, because I would’ve pleaded probably getting shot, but I would’ve pleaded at that moment,” the victim said.

She said one of the suspects held a gun to her chest, forced her to the ground, and demanded her keys.

“I was terrified at that moment, and then to hear them say get on the [expletive] ground, I knew it was real, and there was nothing I could do but hold my hands up.”

She said when they took a baby bag from her backseat, they noticed the baby. She said she heard them said they “didn’t want to mess with a baby,” then they threw her keys back at her and sped off in their getaway car.

“I don’t think they followed me or anything like that, I just think that maybe they were looking in the neighborhood, driving around trying to see who they could find and I just happened to be a woman bent over in a car,” she said.

Even though she’s thankful that she and her family weren’t hurt, she’s hoping police can find the people responsible soon.

“It’s mortifying to just know that it could be some kids around here that, not even mature enough to understand the capacity of what they’re doing,” she said.

Metro Police are investigating whether the car the teens got away in is possibly connected to a police chase just after midnight in Mt. Juliet.

That stolen car, involved in an earlier robbery, was dumped off in Briley Parkway. Police said they found similar “Scream” masks inside the vehicle.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.

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