Vanderbilt Poll Shows Support For Muslim Religious Practices, Gas Tax Hike, Gun Control

12-4 Vandy Poll.png

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- A new poll from Vanderbilt University that questioned over 1,000 voters takes the pulse of voters on topics such as freedom of religion, gun rights and the presidential race.

On Religious Freedom:

75% of Tennesseans say Muslims who want to practice their religion peacefully have the right to do so.

Presidential Candidates:

Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton leads with 48% of the vote, followed by Bernie Sanders with 28% support.

Among Republicans, Donald Trump leads by a slim margin with 29% of the vote over Ben Carson with 25 percent. Ted Cruz came in thrid with 14% followed by Marco Rubio (12%) and Jeb Bush (6%).

Gas Taxes:

66% of residents say they are willing to pay a 2-cent increase if it goes to fund road and bridge maintenance. 33% were opposed. 46% of those surveyed said they would even support a 15-cent tax hike.

Same Sex Marriage:

Support for same sex marriage has jumped by 9 percent, rising from 23% to 32%.

Gun Control:

40% would like to see laws that make it harder to buy a gun in Tennessee while 5% want to make it easier.

Right to Die:

59% believe doctors should be allowed to help patients end their lives if they have an uncurable disease or are living in pain. Only 5% opposed it.


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