U.S. Secret Service warning of new way thieves targeting consumers at the pump

    PHOTO-US Secret Service via Clarksville Police

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A Middle Tennessee police agency is sharing information from the U.S. Secret Service showing the innovative ways thieves are targeting citizens.

    The Clarksville Police Department shared information from the Secret Service's Philadelphia Field Office showing thieves are now targeting near field communication technology.

    NFC is an emerging way to pay for purchases such as holding your phone to a sensor to pay or hold other payment devices up to sensors for payment..

    Thieves are now targeting these contactless NFC readers by using what is called a cellular relay skimmer which grabs your information over-the-air before the sensor even reads the information. The thieves receive your credit card information via text message, allowing them to use your data anywhere in the world.

    The Secret Service also warns consumers an antenna could be attached to the contact devices so be on aware if you use wireless or non-contact payment at the pumps.

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