Tennesseans charged with TennCare fraud

Department of Finance and Administration

Two Tennesseans were charged with Tenncare fraud on Friday.

Lavokies Perkins,41 of Gibson County is accused of using TennCare to obtain the painkiller Morphine and later selling a portion to an undercover informant.

Perkins is being charged with one count of TennCare fraud.

Danielle Richardson, 34 of Sparta was reported to have been falsely reporting her income and not reporting her marriage to the state in order to obtain TennCare and prescription drug benefits that she was not entitled to receive.

Richardson is being charged with with TennCare fraud and theft of services over $10,000.

TennCare fraud is becoming a common offence, according to the Office of Inspector General. To date 3,011 people have been charged with TennCare fraud, a Class D offence which is punishable for up to four years in prison.

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