Tracking your tax dollars: Where did $23 million for body cameras go?


One year ago, members of the Metro Council approved $23 million for police body cameras. Fast forward one year later, Metro Police officers still are not equipped with them. FOX 17 News tracked down $23 million of your tax money after video of a Metro Police officer shooting and killing a man was released.

“If we had not have delayed the implementation of body cameras, then we wouldn’t have the questions as it relates to the granular video because that officer would have had a body camera on,” said Councilwoman Tanaka Vercher who is head of the Budget and Finance committee.

Many questions remain, but one is heavy on the mind of some taxpayers. Where did the $23 million go?

After speaking with the mayor's office, FOX 17 News learned that $335,000 has been spent on storage technology. Another $17,000 was spent on wireless support for the cameras.

“It’s very frustrating with the community. I know they are beyond us just having words and filing resolutions. They want action,” said Vercher.

It’s a long red tape process through Metro departments before large purchases like body cameras can be made, however; the police department reportedly waited six months before even entering the purchase process.

“If this were a private company and I were the president, yes, we would have had them [body cameras]. We would have had them bought, and we would have had them issued,” said Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson.

As of Thursday, Nashville is now considering three company bids for body cameras. According to the timeline obtained by FOX 17 News on Friday from Metro’s procurement office, there are still at least nine more steps to go with body cameras maybe being in use by 2020.

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