TN man charged with attempted sexual battery of child in doctor's office waiting room

(Metro Police Mug Photo)

A man has been charged in a disturbing case out of Nashville after what police say happened to a 5 year old in the waiting room of a doctor’s office.

Steven D. Little is charged with attempted aggravated sexual battery.

According to an affidavit, Little is accused of whispering to the little girl from his wheelchair, asking her to touch him inappropriately. When the child’s mother noticed the strange behavior, Little moved his wheelchair in a way that the child’s mother couldn’t make eye contact.

The 5 year old’s mother told police she heard Little say “just one time” and distinctly grab his private parts.

The mother then got out of her chair and yelled at Little saying, “I will f***ing kill you!” According to the affidavit, Little replied “it doesn’t even work.”

Police said several other witnesses in the waiting room also testified to hearing the statement.

The 5 year old was interviewed by a professionally trained child interviewer at the Nashville Children’s Alliance. The child also disclosed in the interview Little’s statement of “it doesn’t even work.

Experts say this points out the importance of talking to your children about sexual abuse.

Kim Janecek said it’s a conversation every parent should have but few talk about.

"Sexual assault is one of those taboo topics no one wants to talk about, but it happens to one in four girls and one in six boys before they turn 18," said Janecek, curriculum manager at the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville.

Janecek isn't involved in Little's case but has this advice for parents.

"The very first step is to remain calm, and then the next step is to make sure you believe what this child is telling you," Janecek said. "Far too often we have parents that don't want to believe what's happened to their child."

Fox 17 News learned 61-year-old Little is a registered sex offender with a history of sexual exploitation of a minors and sexual battery.

"The majority of the time when children are abused it's by somebody in their circle of trust," said Janecek. "There are these rare instances where children are approached by people that they do not know."

Janecek said 45 percent of clients at the Sexual Assault Center are children, highlighting the importance of having age appropriate conversations about an uncomfortable topic.

"This is something we call a silent epidemic happening to our community," Janecek said.

Little is being held in Davidson County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Nashville's Sexual Assault Center has many resources to help parents talk to their children about identifying and preventing sexual abuse.

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