Tips to combat allergies with Tennessee's early spring blooms


The early spring blooms may seem like a breath of fresh air to some middle Tennesseans, but it's causing major congestion for those with allergies.

Herban Market Store Manager Erin Crawford said reaching for the Benadryl might offer you temporary relief, but there are things you can do now to give you a long-term defense against allergies.

She said allergies come from the body’s inflammatory response to irritants. Local, raw honey is helpful to these allergies because they contain local pollen, which helps your body build up immunity to its immediate environment.

Crawford suggested taking a teaspoon of raw honey each day through allergy season. She also recommends supplements like Vitamin C and Quercetin, calling them nature’s antihistamine.

"The teaspoon of honey is going to include 10 million granules of pollen from your close-by environment, from what is actually bothering you,” Crawford said.

She also recommended an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fruits, veggies and even vinegar.

Substances that can cause inflammation include gluten and dairy.

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