Three women charged with TennCare fraud, must repay state

Office of Inspector General

Three more women have been charged with TennCare fraud and must repay the state.

The charges are as follows:

Lisa A. Fuller, 38, of Westmoreland pleaded guilty to theft of services over $10,000 and must repay TennCare $12,190.68. Fuller was indicted in September 2016.

Kristie Bailey, 39, of Madison County was ordered to repay TennCare $17,065 and was sentenced to four years judicial diversion probation in exchange for her guilty plea. Officials say Bailey failed to report that her husband, who was employed. lived in the home with her. As a result, Bailey obtained TennCare health and prescription benefits.

Angela Lebron, 27, of Union City, pleaded guilty to using TennCare benefits to obtain the Hydrocodone pills and later sold the drugs.

“Obtaining prescriptions with TennCare benefits and then selling the drugs is a crime that endangers all of us.” Inspector General Kim Harmon said. “We appreciate local law enforcement and healthcare providers who collaborate with us in our efforts to preserve TennCare benefits.”

The Office of Inspector General investigates TennCare fraud cases, which has lead to more than $3 million being paid to the state of Tennessee since 2005. To date, 3,035 people have been charged with TennCare fraud.

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