Three busted in identity theft trafficking in Nashville

A search warrant was conducted for three individuals staying at the Red Roof Inn on Sidco Drive on Tuesday.

According to police, a reencoder, a plastic bag containing 25 cards encoded with debit card numbers and pin information, and several tablet devices were discovered in the hotel room that the three suspects were staying in.

The suspects have been identified as Claudia Pena-Rodriguez, Raul Rodriguez, and Jenry Gonzalez Chavez.

Raul Rodriguez was said to have been observed coming in and out of the room several times.

Claudia Pena-Rodriguez and Raul Rodriguez were both involved in the possession, installation, and removal of a credit card skimmer at two pumps at Exxon on Brick Church Pike. The devices were recovered by police.

All three suspects were charged with identity theft trafficking. Raul Rodriguez and Claudia Pena-Rodriguez were additionally charged with criminal simulation of $1,000 or less.

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