THP arrests Ohio men found with nearly 50 lbs of cocaine on I-40 in Dickson County


The Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested two men found with 47.5 lbs of cocaine during a traffic stop on I-40 in Dickson County.

Troopers stopped Joseph Martinez and his passenger William Jones, both from Ohio, in a rental car on Jan. 31. Trooper Russell Bernard said he saw the showing several signs of deception and distress.

The THP said there was a possible full extradition warrant for Jones. Martinez denied the troopers permission to search his vehicle.

While working to verify the warrant, Jones gave the troopers permission to search his bags inside the vehicle. Troopers found 20 kilos of cocaine in one bag.

Both men were arrested on charges for possession of cocaine for resale or delivery and booked by the Dickson County Sheriff's Office. Jones will be extradited to Ohio because the full extradition warrant was verified.

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