'The Nashville way' Tennessee Titan Taylor Lewan lends helping hand to family in need

Photo obtained by FOX 17 news

A Tennessee Titans player's actions went viral on social media Wednesday, but not for his usual successes on the field.

Offensive Tackle Taylor Lewan was spotted buying groceries for a family in need at the Target store on Charlotte Pike.

Larry Kloess says he was going into Target on Charlotte Avenue Tuesday night when he saw a family holding a sign in the parking lot expressing some sort of need.

He says he couldn't make out what the sign said, so he kept going into the store.

A few minutes later, Kloess says he was in the dairy aisle when he heard a man asking if someone needed any milk.

When he looked up, he saw no one other than Taylor Lewan and the family from outside of the store.

"[It's] good people begetting good people," Kloess says about the random act of kindness. "I think that's really the Nashville way in a lot of things."

Kloess snapped some pictures of Lewan and the family at the checkout line, where he says Lewan completely filled the family's cart and paid for everything.

"There were clothes for the little girl, school supplies, and I think there was like some crayons and coloring pencils," Kloess explains.

He added, the family's reaction was just what you would expect.

"Shock and wonder and awe on the family's faces," Kloess says.

Kloess says he was blessed to witness such a beautiful act of kindness and after a bit of thought, decided to post the picture on social media, because what's the worst that could possibly happen?

"Other than a 6'7, 300 lb. guy coming in and giving me a piece of his mind," Kloess joked.

So far, the post has been shared by almost 1,000 people.

Moving forward, Kloess says he'd like to see the family get the chance to cheer on their hero out on the football field.

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