The Contributor Vendor Dresses In Turkey Costume, Sticks Up for Company


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Amid controversy about whether to restrict selling in Nashville, one vendor of The Contributor is doing what he can to separate himself from others.

Shawn Leslie has been selling the papers for the past five years on the Music Row roundabout. This Thanksgiving, he dressed up in a turkey costume.

"I like to go the extra mile," he said. "I love holidays."

Leslie says selling the papers helped him get off the streets and, therefore, he is standing by the company that gave him a helping hand.

"I'm going to support The Contributor 1000 percent if there was such a thing," he said. "It's helped me and I've seen it help others."

If you missed Leslie in the turkey costume, he'll be back in a reindeer costume for Christmas.

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